2014–2015 Season

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2014–2015 Season Preview



2014–2015 Season Brochure



2014-2015 Performance Schedule

Hansel and Gretel
Opening (Sat.), 7:30pm
Sept. 20**
Nov. 1*
Jan. 24*
Mar. 7*
Apr. 25*
Thursday, 7:30pm
Sept. 25
Nov. 6
Jan. 29
Mar. 12
Apr. 30
Saturday, 7:30pm
Sept. 27
Nov. 8
Jan. 31**
Mar. 14
May 2
Sunday, 2:00pm
Sept. 28
Nov. 2
Jan. 25
Mar. 8
May 3
*Camerata Dinners and Tempo Nights Out
**Sept. 20 (Opera Gala 2014) and Jan. 31 (Torchlight Parade) shows begin at 8pm.


2014–2015 Season Details

  • La Fanciulla del West

    From the Italian master who wrote Madame Butterfly and Turandot comes a romantic portrait of America’s iconic Golden West. Puccini’s gorgeous melodies and blazing orchestral colors are set against the backdrop of a gold-mining frontier town, where a poker-playing, pistol-wielding saloon owner finds herself in a love triangle with a handsome outlaw and the sheriff who is in hot pursuit of him.


  • Hansel and Gretel

    Based on the Brothers Grimm classic, this beloved fairy tale whips together frothy folk tunes with sumptuous orchestration into a deceptively sweet, deliciously dark confection that has delighted families for generations. Minnesota Opera’s new production of Engelbert Humperdinck’s enduring masterpiece arrives just in time for the holiday season.


  • The Elixir of Love

    In one of the most endearing Italian comic operas, a love-struck country bumpkin sets out to win a feisty socialite’s heart, aided by a “magic” potion and a doctor of dubious credentials. Donizetti’s light-hearted comedy bubbles with effervescent arias and charm as the elixir causes as many problems as it solves.


  • The Manchurian Candidate

    Politics and paranoia collide in this heart-pounding new opera. An American soldier, decorated during the Korean War, is brainwashed into becoming an unwitting assassin in a conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government. Can a fellow POW crack the code in time to stop him? This taut and suspenseful thriller is the highly anticipated second opera by the creators of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Silent Night.


  • Carmen

    The smoldering femme fatale, Carmen, is one of the most captivating heroines in all of opera. Obsession turns deadly when her gypsy seductions ensnare both a love-sick soldier and a swaggering toreador. With its passionate, sultry orchestration and a veritable hit parade of recognizable tunes, Bizet’s tour de force sizzles in a new staging.