La Bohème

Giacomo Puccini

As timeless as love itself

Lose your heart to La Bohème’s indelible blend of music and theater as we follow the story of Parisian artists, surviving on only friendship and the promise of love.

Preliminary run time of 2 hours and 44 minutes, including two intermissions.

Sung in Italian with English translations projected above the stage.

Individual tickets are available now!

  • Cast & Creative Team

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  • Synopsis

    Marcello, a painter, and Rodolfo, a writer, work on their respective pursuits in an ill-heated attic atelier. Marcello complains of the cold and of the cold-heartedness of his ex-mistress, Musetta. Rodolfo offers to warm the room by burning his manuscript. Colline, a philosopher, blusters in – no pawnshop will take his books on Christmas Eve. Schaunard, a musician, suddenly bursts into the room with much-needed food, wine and firewood. He relates the story of an eccentric nobleman who hired him to play his violin until his parrot died. After three long days, Schaunard was able to collect his fee only by feeding the bird some poisoned parsley.

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  • Composer Biography

    Giacomo Puccini was born into a family of court composers and organists in the historic city of Lucca, Italy. With a strong feeling of tradition in the Puccini family, it was expected that Giacomo would assume his deceased father’s position as Maestro di Cappella when he came of age. By 14 he already was playing organ in a number of the town’s churches.

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