By Giuseppe Verdi

Power corrupts.

Verdi’s dark-hued Macbeth examines the corrosive consequences of tyranny. At the urging of his scheming wife, Macbeth murders the king to claim the crown. His desperate and deadly reign of terror devastates his country and hastens his doom in this masterwork based upon Shakespeare’s classic thriller.

Sung in Italian with English translations projected above the stage.

Approximate run time is 3 hours 5 minutes, including two intermissions.

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  • Digital Program

    Don’t wait until you take your seat at the Ordway. Read the Macbeth program on your computer, tablet or iPhone today!

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  • Behind the Curtain

    Look behind the curtain to see what it takes to bring innovative opera to the stage. Get the inside scoop with this feature-length video from members of the cast and creative team and explore the music, history and design of Macbeth. Minnesota Opera’s Head of Music, Rob Ainsley, leads the exploration from his perspective as a chorus master and vocal coach.

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  • Synopsis

    Returning from battle Macbeth and Banquo happen upon a coven of witches that makes three rather unsettling predictions: they promise Macbeth his noble rank shall rise from Thane of Glamis to Thane of Cawdor, and then he shall be king…

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  • Composer Biography

    Giuseppe Verdi was born in Le Roncole, a small village in the Duchy of Parma. Contrary to the composer’s claim that he was of illiterate peasants, Carlo and Luigia Verdi both came from families of landowners and traders – together they ran a tavern….

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  • Cast and Creative Team

    Read more about the performers on the stage and people behind the scenes.

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  • Macbeth in 60 Seconds




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