Music by Douglas J. Cuomo. Libretto by John Patrick Shanley. A New Works Initiative Production.

In this new opera based on John Patrick Shanley’s play and film, suspicion ignites a battle of wills at a Catholic school in the Bronx, circa 1964. The charismatic and progressive Father Flynn is trying to loosen the stranglehold of St. Nicholas Church School’s strict customs, which are fiercely guarded by its iron-fisted principal, Sister Aloysius Beauvier. When the young, innocent Sister James shares with the principal her suspicion that Father Flynn may be abusing the school’s only black student, Sister Aloysius embarks on a personal crusade to find the truth and ruin the priest. With no proof besides her moral certainty, Sister Aloysius engages in a battle of wills with Father Flynn in this riveting new work, which poses questions to ponder long after the curtain goes down.


Sung in English with English captions projected above the stage.

A Minnesota Opera New Works Initiative Production.

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  • Synopsis

    Father Flynn preaches a sermon on the subject of doubt and its relationship to a crisis of faith in the wake of recent cataclysmic world …

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  • Cast and Creative Team

    Read more about the performers on the stage and people behind the scenes.

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