Nickolas Sanches

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Nickolas Sanches received his bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Luther College in 2012 and is currently in his final semester of pursuing his master’s degree in arts administration from the Florida State University. Nickolas spends his time collaborating with his colleagues developing marketing ideas and strategies for local arts organizations, researching available funding trends in the opera market and discussing the essential qualities of a successful arts organization’s infrastructure.

During his time in Florida, Nickolas also spent two years teaching Elementary French at the baccalaureate level to undergrad and graduate students at the Florida State University. In the spring of 2014 he was promoted to the Elementary French section coordinator. Nickolas enjoyed creating lesson plans that combined popular culture and French culture in efforts to captivate his students and inspire a passion for the French language. He also made an extra effort to introduce his students to French opera as it is such an integral part of our history.

In his spare time, Nickolas is a fitness fanatic and spends a good majority of his free time exercising and training for the next big fitness event. Nickolas is passionate about all things fitness but especially fond of High Intensity Interval Training, TRX and circuit training. He enjoys anything active from yoga to hiking to kayaking and especially spending time with his family and friends. 

Nickolas is excited to join the Minnesota Opera administrative staff in 2014, as it gives him the unique opportunity to combine his passions for opera, business and French. Nickolas also plans to extend his passions for fitness to the opera world by researching different ways an opera singer can be physically fit while maintaining an active singing career.